About Digital Noah

Digital Noah is a HYBRID: one part Programmer and one part Designer.

The middle ground that exists between the creative and the technical is the space that I thrive in, creating inspired ideas that work in a production environment. This unique balance was cultivated at both Pratt Institute’s Industrial Department and at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Beyond my education and professional work experience, I feel that this hybrid quality is not only part of my identity, but in fact part of my genetic makeup: though my parents are complete opposites, I was lucky enough to get a perfect blend of their technical and creative abilities.

Digital Noah: the Programmer

There are few things I find more satisfying then an efficient, effective, well-organized body of code. I see the command line as an enormously powerful tool which puts anything I can dream of at my fingertips. My passion for programming is a never-ending learning process, but currently I am fluent in: Processing, Python, PHP, SQL, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML. On the web, I am well-versed in all things LAMP and AJAX, as well as WordPress, Indexhibit, and the CodeIgniter PHP framework. Whether prototyping interactive applications or building beautiful web interfaces, my creative and flexible approach to coding is what puts the ‘Digital’ in Digital Noah.

Digital Noah: the Designer

I breathe, live, and dream design. I am a problem solver and an aestheticist. I am obsessed with the details of and humbled by the power of mass manufacturing. When I work with materials, I fall in love with them. I am passionate about color theory, 3d abstract form development, and creating compositions with a balanced visual hierarchy.

Digital Noah: at Home

I am happily married, living with my wife, Beth, in the Boston suburbs. Together we make gourmet food, host wine tastings, and shoot large-format photographic portraits. The two of us are inseparable, and together are unstoppable.