Project Overview

Visual Concensus is a data visualization project which looks at the 2000 US Census data. By plotting individual zip codes as colored circles on a map, users are engaged with the information before them and can easily spot patterns. The data focuses on population size, ethnicity, and houeshold income.

The project was coded in C++ and Cinder and is currently available as a stand-alone application for Mac OSX. Users can pan and zoom around on the map to investigate various areas, and can toggle numerous filters to focus on particular regions and demographics.

Video Demonstration

Project Download

This project is available for download at this link.

Project Overview

As part of a series of tutorials on how to learn Cinder and it’s 2d drawing library, Cairo, an image processing application was developed.

Starting with a hyper-real sunset photo by Yury Prokopenko, an algorithm was devised to scan an original image, process it’s pixels, and replace the image with a stylized illustration made up of colored discs.

Outputted Images

One variable in the application is the cell size of the pixel sample area and overlaid discs. Below are two processed final outputted images, one with a cell size of 24 and a second with a cell size of 6.