Project Summary

An entire family of innovative bottle concepts were modeled and visualized for Gatorade, a sub-brand of Pepsi-Co. The concept work is confidential and may not be shown, but as part of the project a test rendering was made with a standard Gatorade bottle. Modeling was done in Solidworks and rendering was done in Alias Studio Tools.

Photo-realism was achieved through the use of HDR environments, label graphics, and physical texture maps.

Project Summary

To elevate the Timex brand in department stores, a pillow gift box was designed. Not only did the design look premium with its felted pillow, matte black finish, and silver foil accents, but it contained a patentable lid innovation and allowed for high speed processing and assembly during production.

Project Overview

Several directions were explored for a new Nestle Turtles package that focused on both fun and freshness. After the most promising design underwent extensive consumer testing and was optimized for mass production, an award winning package was produced.