Project Summary

As part of the curriculum for a Solidworks 2 course at Pratt Institute, a metal egg form was modeled for a rendering demonstration. By adding decals and physical textures the object began to look real. Enabling depth of field and soft shadows also makes the final rendering near photo-realistic.

Project Summary

An entire family of innovative bottle concepts were modeled and visualized for Gatorade, a sub-brand of Pepsi-Co. The concept work is confidential and may not be shown, but as part of the project a test rendering was made with a standard Gatorade bottle. Modeling was done in Solidworks and rendering was done in Alias Studio Tools.

Photo-realism was achieved through the use of HDR environments, label graphics, and physical texture maps.

Project Summary

A 3d model was made in Solidworks based on an actual camera as an excercise in modeling and rendering. Custom textures were made using Illustrator and Photoshop and the final renderings were made in Alias Studio Tools. The entire project and all the final images were made entirely from scratch using digital tools.

Project Summary

An innovative digital camera was designed with sustainability in mind. Its aluminum parts were optimized for recycling, and the camera’s built-in power generation system made it simple to recharge anywhere in the world. The barrel shaped body encourages one-handed shooting while fitting an integrated zoom lens.

Project Overview

For the last five years, I’ve taught 3d CAD computer classes at Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn. Rather than writing a textbook, I’ve chosen to publish my lesson plans and tutorials as screencasts on the web. Sandbox3 holds this video content and also functions as a community for CAD professionals and students.

Demo Video Content

Technical Details of the Site

The core premise of the site is that each member has different permissions. This is achieved through a login database, storing credentials in the “session” data, and setting permissions for each page of content. The entire site is database driven and was built using the CodeIgniter PHP framework. Adding content is done through intuitive form-based uploading, and all content is served dynamically through the database and using Amazon’s cloud storage. This project is ongoing, with new content added regularly and the community of members growing each day.