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Programming Projects:

  • Visual_ConCensus_1
    Visual ConCensus
  • minimal_1e
    Private: Refreshing Note
  • voronoi
    Private: Voronoi Study
  • quad_4 copy
    Private: P5 to CI Drawing Tool
  • CIA_book_a2
    Private: CIA Factbook
  • CCarma
    Private: CaCarma
  • itp411_b
    ITP 411
  • qoords
    Private: Qoords
  • cairo3
    Cairo Image Processing
  • The device was connected via USB to a laptop running the Processing sketch.
    Sound Spiral
  • extruded
    3d Extruded Live Video
  • Visualization shown 3-dimensionally in white with shadows.
    Frequency of Primes
  • dow_jones_3d
    Dow Jones in 3D
  • beth
    Artist Beth Anne Cohen King
  • sandbox3
  • rhymatron_1
  • CLoser_3
    Closer Robot