Sound Spiral Developments – MIDI Input + Chord Mode (11/01/2009)

Sound Spiral with MIDI input from Noah King on Vimeo.

My sound spiral project exploration has expanded to include input from a MIDI device. Certainly this makes it much easier to play a recognizable tune, however, only a single note can be recognized at a time with the current code. I hope to rewrite the code using a different approach for scanning the MIDI connection, so that ten keys may be pressed and/or read simultaneously.

Sound Spiral – Playing Chords from Noah King on Vimeo.

To work around the limitation of only being able to play one note at a time, I have programmed in a “chord mode” to my sound spiral project. When holding down the spacebar on the keyboard, chord mode is toggled on, and pressing a single note will play a 1-3-5 chord. I hope to add buttons to the interface which would allow you to turn on and off chord modes with various chordal combinations. That with a record and playback function will push this project towards becoming a true composition tool.