Sound Spiral – Physical Prototype Version2 (12/06/2009)

After doing some user testing with a simple cylinder, I uncovered that it would be very difficult to interact with my cylindrical sound spiral device. It is near impossible for our arms and hands to press buttons in a cylindrical orientation without lots of moving of either our body or the cylinder. This made my previous design in desperate need of some rethinking.

I have elected to move from physical push button switches to instead use magnetic reed switches. This would allow the user to hold a magnet or magnetic wand and easily interact with the sound spiral in a natural, comfortable way. With the hand held above the device, all 12 angles of buttons could easily be accessed by merely twisting the wrist.

I have entirely rebuilt my Solidworks CAD data to reflect this design change, and now have version 2 of my physical prototype design. Below is an image that illustrates this new design.