SMS App Concepts (9/14/2010)
  1. One-Time Password SMS-based security system.  Rig a solenoid to a lock and text the correct password to unlock remotely.
  2. ITP phone directory – Access an online phone directory by texting a search query with part of all of someone’s name.  Receive all matching contacts via text.
  3. Password Manager – remember your locker combinations, bank account numbers, email passwords and more.  Simply text a search query, authenticate from your unique phone number, and get your passwords texted back to you.
  4. Text me my class schedule – text your NYU netID number and receive back your class schedule, for that day or that week.
  5. Calendar Reminders – sync your calendar to a database and receive reminders for important appointments via text.
  6. NYC scavenger hunt event – follow clues to various locations where you uncover authentication codes.  Text in the codes to receive the next clue.
  7. Inspirational quotes – hundreds of inspirational quotes are stored and individual quotes are sent to subscribers at random times of the day.
  8. I think you’re rad – I think you’re hot: text a middleman about people at ITP who you are interested in connecting with or intimately connecting with.  If you are mutually interested, the texts go through to each other.