Data Parsing with Processing – Part 2 (10/03/2010)

Using the CIA’s World Fact Book as a data source, I’ve created a comparative visualization of global population density.  Using the keyboard’s number keys, a user can toggle between seeing a global comparison of area, population, or population density.

World Fact Book data was provided to me as a SQL database, which I exported to CSV and groomed for visualization.  First I filtered out all countries with less than 1M residents, and next I filtered out anomolies such as Gaza and Hong Kong, as they are technically single city nations that have unusually high density and were subsequently skewing my graphics.

Processing was employed to parse the data, load it into objects, and display the objects as colored circles on-screen.  My next step will be to incorporate life expectancy and other quality-of-life factors to see if there is a correlation with population density.

Link to Source Code.  Link to LIVE PROCESSING SKETCH.