ITP411 Launches! (9/28/2010)
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Katherine Keane and I launched ITP 411 last night!

So far more than 25 have registered, and we hope to see that number climb over 100.  There are about 230 or so students at ITP, so it would be great to have an adoption rate of 50%.  A lot of people don’t carefully read the list, so perhaps a timely email from Midori could help out here.

In order to launch, we did some extensive testing and added a great deal of functionality to our code.  To name a few improvements:

1. If you send a blank text, you get instructions back.

2. If you try to search before adding your own name, you get an error, telling you that searching is only open to members.

3 If you try to update your name, but your name does not already exist, your name will be entered as a new entry.

4. Formatting of phone numbers has been optimized for Android and iPhone so that you can simply click search results to dial.

5. The database keeps track of how many searches you have made, and how many times you have been searched for.

We look forward to people using this new service and giving us feedback on what to improve.