Trending on Twitter – David Bowie! (1/08/2013)

This morning Twitter is all a-flurry over the new album release by David Bowie. What makes it a newsworthy story? He hasn’t released an album in ten years; the first single is iTunes only, which indicates Bowie is digitally astute; there’s a digital stream of the song available, so people are excited to share news that leads to instant gratification; lastly, this is the kind of news that wins you cool-kid points for knowing before any one else, which makes it all the more reason to retweet and share.

Top tweets:

Disclaimer: I still haven’t listened to the song. Did you? Is it any good?
Update: I’m listening to the single now. It’s really refreshing to hear that he didn’t change his sound dramatically to adapt to the modern world. This is unadulterated Bowie.