Music Trends of My Friends (1/07/2013)
Posted in Social Aggregation

I’ve been playing around with the Facebook API, using it to read open graph data from my friends. I built a quick prototype that scans for music.listens and aggregates the top songs among your friends. Here’s some top music in my network that I discovered using the app. Thanks everyone for choosing to share your listening data!

#1 – Thinkin About You by Frank Ocean. Listened to by 8 friends:


#2 – Gold on the Ceiling by The Black Keys. Listened to by 5 friends:


#3 – Shake it Out by Florence + The Machine. Listened to 39 times by 3 friends:


#4 – The Stable Song by Gregory Alan Isakov. Listened to 17 times by 1 friend (you know who you are!!!):


#5 – The Falling Snow by Damien Jurado. Listened to 16 times by 1 friend (and thankfully so. I love this song.)